New Life Preparedness Blog

Some of you may know that JoAnn and I started a blog called Life Preparedness a while ago. I recently changed it from Blogger to WordPress, which means it has a new web address.

Also I want to note, I’m doing a much better job at posting so there is new content.


Preparedness Challenge: Flooding

I found a website called Food Storage Made Easy created by two ladies. They have done a wonderful job of breaking the huge task of putting together a food storage and emergency kits into small steps that everyone can do.

Yesterday began a week-long challenge, testing their readers to see how prepared they are. The situation was our city was flooding and we had an hour to evacuate the house. There were limitations and rules which can be seen here.

We had to out of the house for at least 5 hours, so Michael and I went to our public library and found some books to read. Then we went to one of our favorite spots. Lacamas Park, and spent a few hours reading our books.

One of the limitations was, while we were out of the house we could only eat the food in our 72-hour kits. I’m glad we had this experience because I learned how to use the can opener I put into our kits (we had cold soup out of the cans for lunch).

When we could return to our home we were without power, so candles and flashlights were our light.

Things I learned I need:

  • A camping stove or grill (I had no way to make any warm meals)
  • First aid kits in our 72-hour kits (duh! I just haven’t been able to put them together yet)
  • Change of clothing (including undergarments) in 72-hour kits
  • Batteries! Lots and lots of batteries!
  • Candles! I need more than just two candles.