National Preparedness Month

As you may or may not know, September (given 9/11) is National Preparedness Month.  The American Red Cross just release their new “Be Red Cross Ready” website, which is a quick and easy way to hear (there’s sound) the basics that the Red Cross (and FEMA) want us to know in order to be prepared for emergencies (and since you can listen you don’t need to read the manual).  I also thought it was really neat that at the end they went over CPR and using the new portable defibrillator machines (worth the time if you aren’t planning to take a CPR class any time soon).

Also, I noticed how small their 72-hour emergency kits are, it is truly grab and go.


Hand Sanitizer – It’s . . . Good?

As a mom of an active child who loves to bite her nails, I must say I love hand sanitizer. I have a small bottle of it on my key chain, in my purse, in my car, and on my desk. I use it and have my daughter use it regularly in public places, on camp-outs, or around those who are sick. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s effective.

However, it’s the quick, easy, and effectiveness that point to the darker side of hand sanitizer. Children (or teens and adults for that matter) who ingest hand sanitizer, even in small amounts, run the risk of alcohol poisoning. Hand sanitizers contain high amounts of alcohol, some as high as 62%; it could be fatal for a child to ingest only an ounce or two.

You can read more information on hand sanitizer poisoning at, then take a moment and make sure your hand sanitizers are out of the reach of children – and may I add anyone else who would eat it (pets, teens, etc, etc).

Check Your 72-Hour Kit For Recalled Items

As we recover from the massive peanut product recalls and begin to consume our beloved peanut products, take a moment to check your 72-Hour / Emergency Preparedness kits for any of the peanut products listed in the recall (don’t forget your pet’s treats).

A full list of recalled peanut products can be found on the Food and Drug Administration’s Web site,

While you’re at it check your kit (and your home for that matter) for other products that have been recalled