The Complete Guide to Protecting Yourself, Your Home, Your Family

bealertAllow me to introduce you to a fantastic book, “Be Alert, Be Aware, Have A Plan” by Neal Rawls.

In this book is advice and plans to protect almost every aspect of your life; personal security, home security, car security, protecting children, fraud, natural disasters, terrorism, and so much more.  It is a good read (especially if you are genuinely interested in the subject).

Among the many careers and accomplishments that make Rawls qualified to write such a book, he is a former police officer, former bodyguard for a corporate executive, and a Homeland Security Specialist.

“Both timely and timeless. With the street smarts of a savvy undercover cop, Rawls energizes the reader’s latent survival instincts with time-tested actions and techniques to prevent attacks.” William F. Powers, Director (Ret) US Dept. of Justice Special Programs

I recommend everyone who wants to have a safer and more prepared life to read this book. I’ve read it once through and plan to read it many more times over.

For an overview of what is in the book and to buy it visit the website


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