Things You Might Not Think to Store But Should

We all know how important it is to keep a supply of food and water for our families in case of an emergency, but have you thought about all the other items your family will need if you can’t get to the store to buy them? If a record-setting snow storm came barreling through your town and you were to get trapped in your home for a week, maybe even two, would you have everything you need?

A situation similar to this took place in my town. Instead of snow, it was water. My town lies next to a river and mountains. It is expected to have some flooding every year, but every once in a while the flooding will be worse than other years. This year the water raised at least 10 feet, meaning many houses saw flooding. A woman and her husband had done very well building up a food storage, big enough to easily feed themselves for six months. Their house was elevated more than most of the other homes, resulting in many of their friends and family members retreating to the couple’s home for shelter. They obviously had plenty of food to feed their guests, but what they did run out of was basic necessities, one in particular was toilet paper.

Now, you may never run into this situation, but there are other situations to prepare for. With the down economy and shaky job market, many people are struggling with income. If your income came to a halt, wouldn’t it make life much easier knowing you won’t have to choose between shopping for soap and toilet paper or paying your electric bill?

I’ve compiled a list of items that people might not think to keep on hand, but would probably need if they are unable to go shopping for a long period of time. This list is also helpful when making your 72-hour kits. If you had to leave home, what daily items would you need? Remember these are just suggestions, you have to be the one to decide if these items are important enough to store them. Not many people have the room to be able to store year supplies of everything they need, but having just a little extra would probably help you in an emergency.

  • medication
  • vitamins
  • spare eye glasses
  • extra sets of contact lenses and case
  • saline solution
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • shampoo, conditioner and body soap (scented soap in 72-hour kits may “flavor” food)
  • baby formula
  • diapers (make sure to rotate use to keep up with your child’s size)
  • toilet paper (for 72-hour kits, remove the center tube to easily fold and put in zip-lock bag)
  • feminine hygiene supplies

For a complete list of recommended supplies in a 72-hour kit click here.


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